Dënë Sųłınë́ and DESLAS

The 10th language in the ACQDIV is Dënë Sųłınë́, an Athapaskan language spoken in Northern Canada. Under the lead of Dagmar Jung, the ACQDIV team is compiling the first language acquisition corpus of Dënë Sųłınë́, which will also be the first language acquisition corpus of any Athapaskan language. We call this subproject the Dëne Sųłıné Language Acquisition Study (DESLAS).

The field site for DESLAS is the Clearwater River Dene Nation and the neighboring town of La Loche, two communities in Northern Saskatchewan. We are closely collaborating with the Clearwater River Dene School, the First Nations University of Canada, and the University of Regina.

Media responses to DESLAS:

  • 12 Apr 2015: article by The Canadian Press on ACQDIV and DESLAS
  • 23 Apr 2015: TV interview about DESLAS given by Dagmar Jung and Olga Lovick to the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
  • 5 May 205: article (PDF, 459 KB) in the Northern Pride on DESLAS