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Language, ACQuisition, DIVersity Lab (ACQDIV)


Ontogeny, diachrony and diversity of linguistic units


LingUnits is an interlab project that aims at uncovering the dynamics of linguistic units from historical, acquisitional, prosodic and cross-linguistic perspectives.

Can any patterns be discerned in the diachronic development of linguistic units? What linguistic units are children able to extract from their input, and what is the impact of the morphosyntactic properties of languages on the nature and size of these units? How are phonetic and phonological cues used to mark linguistic units of different sizes in the speech of different languages? What are the variables and coding strategies that are required to explore and shed light on linguistic units cross linguistically?

  • Contact: Jessica Ivani
  • Team: Laura Dees, Thomas Huber, Jessica Ivani, Erika Just, Catalina Torres, former member: Morgane Jourdain, PIs: Sabine Stoll, Paul Widmer, Balthasar Bickel.