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Language, ACQuisition, DIVersity Lab (ACQDIV)

InterPeer Mentoring


Early-career researchers face various challenges such as internal and external pressures, a high workload or power imbalances in institutional structures which may lead to mental health issues and lack of confidence regarding intellectual knowledge. The communication and discussion of such challenges often falls short in the hassle of daily academic life. 

This mentoring group aims to provide a network for junior researchers to exchange experiences and support each other with respect to both academic or scientific matters as well as structural or personal issues. Two core themes will accompany the programme of the mentoring group: the creation of an inclusive and tolerant environment (inclusivity) and a collaborative network of knowledge about a variety of scientific questions specific to our needs (interdisciplinarity). These core themes are addressed in an interactive layered approach.


The principal aim of our peer mentoring group is to provide an interdisciplinary, interactive and inclusive support system for female PhD students from diverse backgrounds. Through a multi-layered meeting and contact system as well as personalised post-doc mentors, we hope to complement and enrich our experience as PhD students and post-docs in our institutes. The outcome is a community on which everyone can rely and which continues to contribute to have a positive impact on every member’s research, career and mental health beyond every-day academic life in the following years.

Contact: Nicole Tamer


Active participants: 

PhD students:

Nicole Tamer

Alexandra Bosshard 

Eva Huber 

Anna Graff 

Natalia Morozova


Post Docs:

Dr. Piera Filippi 

Dr. Carmen C. Saldaña Gascon 

Dr. Jekaterina Mažara 


External participants:

Dr. Tamar Johson


Scientific advisory board:

Prof. Dr. Judith Burkart 

Prof. Dr. Lena A. Jäger 


grc peermentoring


Writing retreat in May

Inclusivity Panel event in summer

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